Our Container Bakeries are complete working units on delivery are fully insulated and fitted with all the necessary, electrical and  bakery equipment ready to bake. All that is required from the client is a solid level foundation to place the container on, an adequate electrical  and water supply.  Everything else is supplied by us as well as FREE Professional Training on quality bread baking. The Standard Modules consist of capacities ranging from  500 loaves up to 2000 loaves per 8 hour shift. These Containerised Bakeries have been operating successfully throughout South Africa, Angola, Cameroon, Zambia, Zimbabwe,as well as other African countries over the last 12 years. Key Benefits of Container Bakeries. MOBILITY - RELOCATION IS EASY IF REQUIRED. NO BUILDINGS ARE REQUIRED. FULLY OPERATIONAL WITHIN 1 HOUR OF PLACING ON SITE.COST EFFECTIVE. OTHER CONTAINERISED SYSTEMS AVAILABLE FIELD KITCHENS / STAFF CANTEENS FAST FOOD OUTLETS BUTCHERIES ALL BUILT AND FITTED OUT TO CLIENTS REQUIREMENTS .   PRICES ON APPLICATION. BAKERY MODULE 1  -  SINGLE  6  METRE 6 (A)  CAPACITY   250 LOAVES PER  8  HOUR SHIFT                6 (B)  CAPACITY   550 LOAVES PER  8  HOUR SHIFT             6 (C)  CAPACITY 1200 LOAVES PER  8  HOUR SHIFT HOUSED IN 6 METRE CONTAINER  BAKERY MODULE  2  -  SINGLE  12 METRE 2 (A)  CAPACITY  1200 LOAVES PER  8  HOUR SHIFT         2 (B)  CAPACITY  2000 LOAVES PER  8  HOUR SHIFT               HOUSED IN  12 METRE CONTAINER WITH STORE ROOM AND SHOP AREA WITH DISPLAY SHELVING  REQUIRED FROM CLIENT  ELECTRICAL /PLUMBING SUITABLE ELECTRICAL SUPPLY ½ “  COLD WATER INLET WITH 40 mm DRAIN.  HOT WATER OPTIONAL OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT ELECTRIC BREAD MOULDER                                               BREAD SLICING MACHINE            COUNTER DISPLAY FRIDGE      30 PIECE BUN DIVIDER / ROUNDER  CAKE MIXER                                         BAKERY POWERED BY BIO-GASIFIER PLANT AT MELANI - EASTERN CAPE  A JOINT PROJECT  WITH   FORT HARE UNIVERSITY AND BAKERSMATE CO-OPERATIVE MEMBERS AT MELANI TRAINING BY BAKERSMATE THE FIRST BAKE AT MELANI CO-OP WOOD BURNING GASIFIER THAT POWERS THE BAKERY AT MELANI    6 METRE CONTAINERISED BAKERY - CAPACITY OF 600 LOAVES PER 8 HOURS INSTALLED FOR 'SIZABANTU BAKERY  CO-OPERATIVE '  AT LEONDALE FUNDED BY  THE DEPT. OF TRADE & INDUSTRY BAKE-A TAINER