We service clients nationwide as well as across Sub Sahara borders, and deliver anywhere and everywhere.

Not only do we focus on giving our customers high quality equipment and excellent service, but we have also opened our doors to new developments for disadvantaged and Greener community projects, to the purpose for which it is required.

From Electric operated , Gas operated solutions to Bio-Fuel operated Bakery solutions.

Let us evaluate your requirements with you, provide you with the recommended solution based on your unique Bakery Solution so you can get on with your business. We provide Container Bakery Solution to individuals as well as corporate caterers.

Container Bakery System Solutions. Bakersmate have been manufacturing & successfully supplying for the last 25+ years in South Africa and the Sub-Sahara region.

Our Container Bakeries are complete “ Turnkey “ working units on delivery, are fitted with all the necessary Industrial Bakery machinery and electrical connections and are ready to bake within 24-48 Hours of setting up, and comply with all Health authority requirements set out.

Our Standard Models consist of capacities ranging from 300 loaves up to 1200 loaves per 8 hour shift.

Everything necessary is supplied by us, as well as complete Professional Training on quality bread baking.

 We also supply Container Model Kitchens to individuals as well as corporate caterers.