About Bakersmate

BAKERSMATE has been in Bakery foodservice industry for many years, providing quality service the Bakery and Food Service Equipment to clients, small, medium and large throughout Southern African as well as across Sub Sahara borders

At BAKERSMATE we put your interests first, working together with our clients on the deciding, design and planning of your unique Bakery requirements, full turn key solutions, assuring you the results you want;

Optimization on production to maximize profit.

BAKERSMATE will assist with your customized design layout requirements, which will allow you to achieve maximum output and a smooth efficient operation.

BAKERSMATE has been successfully over the last decades, part of many new developments for disadvantaged and Greener community projects, to the purpose for which it is required, these projects been completed in South Africa as well as our neighboring countries

Visit our unique Container Bakery Solutions page see some of our projects, and products related.

Everything necessary is supplied by us, as well as Professional Training on quality bread baking.